Swiss Canton map

Why Switzerland?

Imagine yourself working at a great hospital in one of the richest countries in the world. The medical care here is outstanding. Furthermore, you as a doctor have a much better and much easier life here than anywhere else. The Swiss hospital system has: doctors, sub assistants, nurses, assistant nurses. Each person has a defined role within the system - just as a Swiss nurse is doing less “janitorial” jobs than their counterpart in other countries, so does a doctor do less boring and repetitive tasks than their counterpart in other countries.  A doctor in Switzerland is doing more of their proper job than in any other country. Furthermore, a doctor will have better hours, will be compensated in free time or payment better than in any other country, and in the unlikely scenario doctors lose their job - the Swiss government will give that person 80 percent of the net income for 2 years. That is 4-8 times better than in any other country. Once you are in - you will never want to leave. Come and experience it yourself.