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Imagine yourself working at a great hospital in one of the richest countries in the world. The medical care here is outstanding. Furthermore, you as a doctor or a nurse have a much better and much easier life here than anywhere else. The Swiss hospital system has: doctors, sub assistants, nurses, assistant nurses. Each person has a defined role within the system - just as a Swiss nurse is doing less “janitor” jobs than their counterpart in other countries, so does a doctor do less boring and repetitive tasks then their counterpart in other countries. A doctor or nurse in Switzerland is doing more of their proper job than in any other country. Furthermore, a doctor or nurse will have better hours, will be compensated in free time or payment better than in any other country, and in the unlikely scenario doctors or nurses lose their job - the Swiss government will give that person 80 percent of net income for 2 years. That is 4-8 times better than in any other country. Once you are in - you will never want to leave. Come and experience it yourself. 
Salaries start at 5000 Euro a month for a nurse and 7000 for a doctor, and in cities like Basel you can save the vast majority of your salary

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You might be asking yourself - if I go study in Croatia, Bulgaria, and so on - will I be able to find a job back here in Switzerland? The answer is a resounding yes. Yes, yes, yes. Me and dozens of other colleagues working with me are living proof. You can easily become a doctor in Switzerland after graduating from one of those schools. Even more so if you are a Swiss citizen. There is a huge shortage of doctors in ‏Switzerland. In fact the shortage is so huge that people from many places do not necessarily meet all requirements, and do not speak German that well, are being currently employed. In addition there is a preference of employing Swiss citizens in hospitals and in effect they are prioritized over other nationalities  Once you finish studying at any city in Europe you have effectively 100% chance of finding a job back home in Switzerland.  the only difficult part is to get into those universities.

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Here at Swiss Medics we will help you get into universities that will allow you later on to work as a resident doctor in Switzerland.  in addition we will help you find work as a sub assistant and even direct you in the right direction for a job in Switzerland later on when you need to apply.  We strongly believe in long-term relationships. As someone who studied in Croatia and was one of the founders of the program in the city of Split I can testify to the quality of the school system and I can tell you that many of my colleagues, most of whom are not Swiss citizens, are now working with me here in Switzerland.  It was no problem getting a job here after several interviews,  it is always better to trust a professional company that can help you with that aspect as well. We have developed strong connections with many Universities and are in direct contact with the professional staff in the universities. We are actively checking and rechecking every aspect of the admissions process and have even helped develop some of their procedures for the testing of German speaking students and some of the universities following our extensive experience in the field.

My main goal is to help Swiss citizens who wish to become doctors and cannot necessarily study in Switzerland achieve their own goal of becoming Swiss doctors. For that reason we will do everything in our power and leave no stone unturned in order to make sure that you can get into the right school for you,  and walk you through the admission process and everything connected to it. We cannot guarantee you a response at a given university,  however given our knowledge and Connections in various universities we can do our best for you  to get in and the rest,  as always, is up to you. We can help you prepare for the test and maybe “guess” some of the questions but we cannot answer them for you…
We hope you put your  trust in us,  and would like to remind you that we are there for all your needs -  from getting into school,  on to finding a job as a sub  assistant and later on helping you with your acceptance as a resident doctor in Switzerland. We strive to have clients who are staying with us for years to come as we take our mission very seriously. 



At Swiss Medics, we help you with everything. We help you with the application. We reach out to our partners and make sure you get the position most suited for your needs and desired future position. Once you get accepted and you already know where you’re going - you are not alone. We are with you every step of the way. If you need help with accommodation, we will help you. If you need someone to walk you to the door, we will be there for you. This is all about you - your needs, your wants, your comfort. We understand coming to another country, possibly for one of the first positions in your life, can be stressful, so we will do everything in our power to alleviate that stress. From introducing you to your colleagues, making sure you get there on time, helping you in advance with everything. Before you arrive at work everything, and we mean everything, will be sorted out. You and your parents can sleep well knowing no detail has gone unnoticed.  We will literally be holding your hand every step of the way, if you want us to. Your comfort is our number one priority, since we want you to come back and continue with us for years to come, as we hopefully, with your permission, help you later on find the job of your dreams. 

About Us - Medica App X Webflow Template

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